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The International Directory of Corporate Art Collections

Our flagship reference source -- in continuous publication since 1983 -- available only  in a digital edition

The 2014-2015  Directory has been completely revised
and is now available.


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The 2014 - 2015 International Directory of Corporate Art Collections has been completely revised and is now available.

in two volumes -- Europe and Asia Pacific, and North and South America.  We continue to add collections and make edits regularly as we become aware of changes. 

The complete directory is available for download now and continues to be updated every month.   Payment allows access for one year.


Because many of us are struggling in a generally weak and slow economy right now, I have decided to maintain the pre-publication price of $115 for a while longer.  I feel that the information in this publication is valuable for anyone working in the art field today, so I want to make it possible for many of you to order.  

Many people do not realize that ................

several million works of art are displayed in businesses and
corporations around the world -- that is nearly as many as
are on display in city art museums!

the total velue of all of the art that is on display in the
workplace is worth  several billion dollars, and
corporations spend millions
every year purchasing art.

So the most important patron of the arts during the past 60 years has been    ....... not private collectors, 
..... not government institutions, 
......and not even museums, 
...... but corporations!

The International Directory of Corporate Art Collections will help you find out . . . . . . .

Which are the companies that have art collections,

Which ones have commissioned art ,

Which corporations have art education programs,

What businesses may need to order framing, restoration, or
review their insurance policies,

Which corporations have organized or sponsored art exhibitions or loaned art works from their collections...

Practically a bible to the corporate art world, The International Directory of Corporate Art Collections will give you the answers.

Nearly 800 companies are featured in the Updated Edition!

The International Directory of Corporate Art Collections is still the only comprehensive reference for corporate art collecting around the world, and it has been in continuous publication since 1983.

We have added new features and information to the website, so take your time to look at the information.

We have added several useful articles, and in the Bibliography there is a brief list of other books and articles about corporate art collections. And please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

You have no doubt noticed how rapidly the business and corporate world has been changing, especially during the past few years -- which also means that corporate art collections have been changing as well. When we published the directory in a printed book form, we found that during the two or three-year intervals between updates, there were extensive changes -- new collections being formed, companies merging with others, some collections being sold, and some companies disappearing completely.  During the past 5 years the field has been virtually transformed.

The Directory is available through a download on the internet, we are able to update and add new collections constantly without waiting for the publication of a new edition. We have eliminated the release of the Directory as a bi-annual publication of year-specific editions.


We check and update the information in an ongoing process but there is never a point when the "job is done" because a corporation's strategy can change overnight! This updating process has made the directory a constantly growing and evolving project -- a living "work in progress."